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Abdominal Therapy is a combination of abdominal and womb/pelvic massage combined with stress and lifestyle health. 
Abdominal Therapy improves circulation optimises all the organs from your heart right down to your eggs. The massage which I also teach you to take home and practice yourself, optimises your endocrine / hormonal systems, digestion,  regulates your nervous system and supports reproductive health. 
What Happens?
We will go through your Health Story which I will pre send you in advance focusing on Reproductive and Digestive Health. 
You will learn how to do the massage yourself and receive a full treatment. 
I will recommend suitable therapies for you including castor oil pack, faja wearing, nutritional information. Typically we see 90 days is needed which is around 3 - 6 sessions. We can also integrate energy healing into the session.
Who Is It For?
My work is predominantly supporting women and their cycles - menstruation, menstrual health, fertility and the journey into menopause. I also love to support couples who both need support and full health to conceive together and for a healthy pregnancy and family. Combined with Ayurveda, I support people with ongoing digestive issues and can offer lifestyle education.

Abdominal Therapy - What Is It?

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  • Relieve symptoms of cramping, constipation, restricted blood flow and muscle tightness

  • Improve blood circulation from heart to liver, pancreas, kidneys and reproductive organs

  • Nourishes the pelvis and womb to assist with cysts, fibroids, scarring and adhesions

  • Optimise position of the uterus for healthy menstrual cycle, reduce PMS and cramping

  • Benefit fertility with increased circulation in the womb

  • Reduce IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, improve gut health and reduce back pain

Initial Consultation: 2hr - 2.5 hrs €150

The initial consultation allows us to explore what you want form the session, any symptoms physical or/and emotional.  

Follow Up Sessions:  1hr 30 mins €90

We will follow up with your own "Your Abdominal Massage" is going and receive a full bodywork treatment, and adjust where necessary.

I work both in-Person in Co Limerick/ North Cork border near Charleville and also online. I will be shortly renting a space in Cork City one day a week so do enquire if you cannot travel to me. 


You can contact me direct to book and if you have any further questions email me on and we can arrange a call or WhatsApp me or ring me +00353 (0) 87 0641086.

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