Our values

We are authentic, strong women supporting each other.  We know that life is messy, relationships can be tough and decisions can be confusing.

We value being honest and genuine with ourselves and the women that we surround ourselves with.  We want careers where we recognise our ambition, and balance it with personal happiness.  


When we vow to something, we devote ourselves to it. 

With ease and compassion we seek practices that are aligned to our desires and our dharma.

We show genuine interest and appreciation of each others unique world.

We share experiences and advice in a considered approach, putting aside our own emotions. 

We always ask what does that feel and look like to the other woman.


We listen deeply to ourselves so that we can choose a growth path that deepens our intuition. 

Ooh and also pushes us beyond our comfort zone!

We are passionate about having a purpose in our career.   We know we are intelligent enough to achieve it. We are brave when we agree to deliberate actions to achieve it. 


We know that being part of the mentoring relationship, and circle, will offer us the opportunities to stay on track and back ourselves.


We live to fill our hearts up - physically with the food we collaborate with, the air we breath consciously around our heart and bodies and with words of compassion, inclusion and connection. 

Our Creator

Susan Sheehan is the proud creator of Back Yourself Mentoring.  She created it because she saw first hand that when women are connected and supported by other women, magic happens!


Her story is one that may be familiar to you. She is a former Chief Operating Officer, Finance Director and executive board member. She was the first woman executive in a business where she progressed from manager to COO within six years.

But she never felt at home though.  She didn't feel nourished by the system or structure. And now realises that she was out of alignment with her own integrity and what her soul and heart wanted. 

She couldn't have articulated that then. Susan travelled to India, staying in an ashram, volunteered and camped in Uganda, went to Stanford Business School, did NLP, delved into nutrition amongst lots of other things.

She finally happened upon what she was looking for.



I know she could have stayed at home and saved some money! 

Through her study and living the wisdom of ayurveda and her sister yoga, as well as this community of women, Susan got back in contact with herself. And she now supports other women to re-connect back to themselves  Through your menstrual cycle, through the daily beautiful practices of dinacharya informed by Ayurveda. 


Susan helps women to calm the fluctuations of the mind and body so that you can reach clarity on a daily basis and fulfilling your desires and dreams. 

You are so welcome here. Drop her a line if you want to have a chat hello@backyourselfmentoring.com

With love and gratitude.


PS I no idea why I wrote this in the third person but I have so much else out there that I want to be doing, we can let it go and lets chat anyway! 

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Susan Sheehan