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Mentoring by women for women.

A 121 relationship of trust, empowerment, inspiration and practical advice to be yourself and back yourself. 

We believe that when we back ourselves, and each other we feel more fulfilled and achieve more together. 

Five Ways Mentoring Can Help You

1  A personal step by step strategy to bring your dreams to life

2  Brimming with clarity about where you will be in one year

3 Explore new ideas, get unstuck and gain confidence


4  Create balance and boundaries in life and work

5  Live a meaningful career and making a difference in life 

How We Do It


Share Your Aspirations With Us

We personally connect with you to understand your ambitions.  By understanding your values and goals we propose mentors that will accelerate your aspirations.

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Chemistry Date With Experienced Mentors

All our Mentors are invited or recommended to us. Each woman is appraised on her empathy and compassion as well as her expertise.

We provide mentoring training for all women.

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Events & Circles

Back Yourself Mentoring is a circle and network of women backing themselves and each other. Part of this are regular events and knowledge sharing with other like minded women.

Susan Explains TheJourney You Will Go On

The Back Yourself Mentoring Journey is a model and guide for each woman during her year long journey. This is a leadership programme within a mentoring relationship. 

Mentee Testimonials

Marian, PR & Communications

My mentor is a very thoughtful and calm woman who has extensive experience in a variety of careers, which is really interesting. Our meetings can vary from me working through ideas with her as a sounding board to her really probing my responses and encouraging me to think harder about what I want. Our conversations always leave me feeling really motivated and I come away energised with a list of things to think about or tasks to work on.

Catherine, Retail Consultant 

I'm so grateful that I met Susan and gained a mentor. Having someone to talk to each month has made a big difference - being able to have the consistent help from someone who really knows my business.

Sophie, Brand Specialist

I was surprised how well we clicked from the get go -- our relationship felt natural and I never left a session feeling anything less than listened to, challenged and motivated. 

Mentees - Find Out More Here

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