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You can heal and grow to love your Menstrual Cycle.

The Susan Sheehan Podcast

Each episode explores the miracles and challenges of being a woman, from our first period, conscious conception to birthing and throughout womanhood.  We go deep with personal stories and experiences of love, grief and everything in between always with a view on healing our body, mind and soul. This podcast offers answers to questions that you may not be able to ask easily in your own community.  

New episodes are released every Wednesday.

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6. Hope & Abundance In Our Spring Phase

As we arise from our bleed time, our period, the veil lifts and we return, hopefully rejuvenated. In this weeks episode I discuss this phase of growth, creativity, the kapha time of our cycle. As ever it is packed with stories and experiences of women and our innate wisdom and cyclical nature.

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5. Time To Bleed


This weeks episodes explores and journeys through our menstruation time. Whether it is a smooth or rocky journey we detox, release, vision our new world and much more. I weave in Ayurveda, our ancestors and the climate when choosing our period products. I hope it is a lovely companion to you for your next bleed time.

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4. The Tricky Transition To Your Period

Post ovulation and pre period is a tricky time for many women. In this episode I walk you through all the common patterns that you may notice in your body and mind, and some ah ha moments that you recognise. This tricky time is a mindful of beautiful and challenging moments. The trick is to find the gift in it. Maybe not during it, but after it! 

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3. How To Soothe Period Cramping

Cramping is common but not necessary and I believe 95% of us can alleviate period cramping. I have experience this myself and dozens of other women I have worked with. In todays episode I share with you 5 ways to soothe or eliminate period cramping. Let me know how it helps you and which one was particularly soothing! There are a few minutes of interference that around minutes 13-17 apologies as I didn’t hear that before uploading. New podcast learnings!

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2. Circadian Rhythm For Balancing Your Life & Hormones

This week I am sharing the Circadian Rhythm, ancient wisdom from Ayurveda, which is more necessary now than it has ever been. We circle our internal body clock which sync's with the day night cycle and influences hormones and therefore our mood, sleep, menstrual cycle, heart health and so much more. And of course tips to soothe our life and body.

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1. Falling In Love With Your Menstrual Cycle 

Welcome to the first Susan Sheehan Podcast. Today Susan shares the reality and gift of the Menstrual Cycle and how our culture has impacted our view of it. Now though we get to choose how we want to be with our body. She refers to the book Wild Power by the Red School owners Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, in addition to Claire Baker who trained with the Wild Power creators.

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