Understand Our Menstrual Cycle, Identify Symptoms And Treat Naturally

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Are you passionately supporting women with their health and life desires and  you want add Menstrual Cycle Health? Are you seeing more and more women struggle every month with menstrual pain or PMS symptoms and wish you knew how to help them? Do you want to be able to offer them practical guidance and bring their cycle back to harmony?

Then this is for you! 

Hello I'm Susan Sheehan and I am inviting you to this training! (And celebration of women healing each other!)

Nearly every therapist, coach, energy healer and mentor I speak to is seeing women coming to them with Menstrual Health and Peri-Menopause issues. Often it is mentioned in passing, and accepted as a by product of being a woman. The reality is we have 450 cycles in our life, so it is time we know how to heal our cycle and come back to a healthy rhythm. 


I am currently the only practitioner in Ireland trained and practicing in Menstrual Health and Ayurveda and I am offering this training to other therapists and women curious about health the opportunity to expand your business with this knowledge.


Conventional medicine does not understand this wisdom, so we all need to learn and share this! 

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Elevate Your Business With Menstrual Health & Ayurveda


I promise you this - this is not complicated. You do not need to study for years. Everyone that puts your heart into this will be able to share this at the end of the training. My only ask is that you jump in with all of you - mind, body and spirit!

Menstrual Health & Peri-Menopause

Up to 80% of menstruating women (aged 9 years - yeah I know, younger and younger we will cover why this is happening- up to 50 years ) experience some period pain or PMS. This is common and often accepted, it is definitely not normal. All, and I mean ALL, the women I have worked with have eased or completely erased period pain, cramping or PMS symptoms within a couple of months of working with me.



Every woman needs to understand her body, our month long cycle and how her body has trends and patterns. 

.....Once you understand you can listen to the your body

.....Then you can make changes that she needs

.....And the secret solution is Ayurveda

.....Except I don't want this to be a secret I want to teach and share this so that you can help as many women as possible! 


Training Includes.....

LIVE IN Person 2 Day Training 

9:30am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday 24th and 25th September. Charleville Park Hotel, Charleville, Co Cork. 

2 X Monthly Online Follow Ups

Integration is key after the training. Two further 2 hour workshops to build on your training, practicing and integrating into with all your questions. Sunday 11am - 1pm Sunday 


Over 20 videos will be available to you online with lifetime access. This will be supplementary training to dive into before or after the in person training.

Signal Peer Group

You can stay connected, share and ask questions with the other women via Signal. I choose this over WhatsApp as it is a non-profit, non data selling platform/app.


If you want to 

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know this is for me?

You want to include Menstrual Health in your business to fully support your clients. You want to understand our Menstrual Cycle, common PMS issues and expand your business, start holding women circles or know more about yourself. 

What is the entry requirement?

A genuine interest in understanding woman's body and our innate wisdom and cycles. You may already be an expert in your own field, or have a high level knowledge of the seasons and cycles, or you may be interested in going into some element of health and wellness and this will elevate your knowledge and ability to walk with another woman. 

What does the schedule look like?

After enrolling, you have access to the portal for as long as you would like; you receive lifetime access.


Is the programme open to women of all ages?

We welcome women of all ages but find the programme is best suited for women in their late twenties and older.


Do I need to be menstruating to join?

 Whether you’re menstruating, seeking to return to menstruating, no longer menstruating or preparing to no longer menstruate you are welcome.


Why is it important to meet every week so regularly?

Making space for our gathering is both a reminder and a chance to pause and slow down, making space for yourself to recalibrate and check that you are meeting your needs.


What happens if I can’t attend one of the live calls?

We record all the live circles and post them on the group portal so you won’t miss a thing.