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Energy Healing,  including both forms I offer, Reiki and IET are to aide the flow of energy in your physical body, emotion's and tune into your soul. I combine the energy work with Ayurveda so that you go home with knowledge and practices to support your lifestyle, nutrition and emotional state. 
Who Is It For?
Energy healing is for everyone, and all are welcome. The people who come to me seem to be those who are walking the path I have walked and continue to.  I started my healing journey with my Menstrual Cycle and digestive issues. Women and couples fertility is also common in my treatment space, as well people going through huge transitions in their life.

Energy Healing 

Reiki Treatment


  • Aides hormonal balance, fertility and peri-menopausal symptoms

  • Cleanses the body of toxins & supports your immune system

  • Improves blood circulation and energy flow

  • Clears the mind and body of congestion, blockages and constrictions

  • Feel calmer, more relaxed and reduced anxiety

  • Improves sleep and boost energy levels 

Initial Consultation - 1hr 30 minutes

The initial consultation allows us to explore what you want from your healing session and areas you wish to focus on, physically and emotionally.

Follow Up Sessions - 1hr

Experience has proven that you need time to integrate each session and so will return 2-4 weeks for a further two sessions. 

I work both in-Person in Co Limerick/ North Cork border near Charleville and also online. 


You can contact me direct to book and if you have any further questions email me on and we can arrange a call or WhatsApp me or ring me +00353 (0) 87 0641086.

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