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Embrace, Nourish & Heal Your Cycle

A nourishing day of learning, movement, sound and practical hands-on magical wisdom with other women. 


We will gather in a beautiful space to root into our bodies, learn our cycles and how they impact our emotions, how we can can blossom and bloom in life and if we desire, to bring in new life. Our cycle influences how we approach our work, how we feel about our loved ones and relationships and how kind we are to ourselves. 

Once rooted in this knowledge we will rise up like the divine woman you are and let go of all the pain, emotional angst during PMS and the heartache you have had up to now. 

This is my hope for you.


That you will leave seeing your body in a new light, with practical steps and remedies to enjoy your cycle and a full fertile life inviting new life and projects into this beautiful world. 


Booking is essential to secure your place or if you have any questions you can WhatsApp me on 0870641086 or email me at

Sunday 20th November 2022

Charleville Park Hotel, Charleville, Co Cork.

10am - 5pm

€95 including tea, light lunch & healthy snacks

Peruvian Dance
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