Menstrual Cycle Magic Workshop

Have you every complained about your period? Do you experience pain, intolerance or pre menstrual anxiety, frustration or slight depression? This is pretty normal in a world where our bleed is seen as an inconvenience. 


It doesn't have to be this way.


You can change this. I did after years of feeling like crap for about 6-10 days a month. Most months! 


When you understand that as women we experience different moods and energies all month long and that we are meant to be cyclical, not linear like 9-5 working demands of us, then your relationship with yourself, your body and your life changes.  


In this workshop we will delve into the Menstrual Cycle phases, lean into how to create more calm and less angst with the wisdom of Ayurveda and create a place to start to heal gently. 


Join me for a morning, just for you, away from the demands of life and connect with your needs and desires. You can book below or WhatsApp me on 0870641086 or email me at

Sunday 22nd May

Charleville Park Hotel, Charleville, Co Cork.

10am - 1pm

€55 including tea & healthy snacks

Peruvian Dance