How does Back Yourself define Mentoring?
There are different definitions of mentoring, we believe as a community that "Mentoring is an authentic relationship developed through trust, to advise, support and empower. Each relationship is unique; inspiring from career and life experience, creating new opportunities to think bigger and achieve more."
We offer 1-2-1 mentoring relationships for mentees and mentors.  We also offer mentoring programmes and group/project mentoring for organisations interested in investing in their gender and diversity.
How is Back Yourself Mentoring different to other mentoring programmes?
Back Yourself is for ambitious women seeking an independent mentor at a critical time in their career. We match on the decisions that the Mentee wants to make with an inspiring mentor who has been there and succeeded.  We organically match each mentoring relationship, introducing each other via one or multiple "dates".  Our mentors are individually invited or recommended to us.   We pride ourselves on getting to know each woman to ensure the best possible match.
How much is it for the Mentoring programme?
Mentees have two paying membership options. 
The Corporate Membership is for women who are being invested in by their employer, this is £495 per annum.  We can help propose this to your business with a one page business plan document that you can find on the Mentee page.
The Invest in Yourself package is £395 for those that are self employed or choosing this independent of their business backing them. We want to make this accessible for women so we offer a 12 month membership option of £32.92 per month.
Mentors do not pay for the mentoring relationship.  They are giving their time and expertise.  They know that they will partner with a Mentee that is committed to the relationship.
Why does the Mentee pay when mentoring is often free?
Susan our Founder did extensive research with Mentees and Mentors prior to setting up BYM. The overwhelming feedback was that women wanted experienced, supportive and inspiring Mentors that had the time to meet them regularly. We invite Mentors that genuinely know the value of giving back to another woman and showing up for that relationship. Mentors have had similar challenges where some Mentees do not turn up or haven't been accountable in previous mentoring relationships.
By applying to be part of the Back Yourself Mentoring programmes we have Mentees who really want to back themselves and the invited Mentors who will be there by their side.
What support do you provide to both the Mentee and Mentor? Do you offer training?
Yes we offer support throughout the mentoring relationship. We will be in constant contact once you are part of the community. We have online training for both the Mentee and Mentor prior to starting the relationship.  We know that there will be loads of questions and we will provide a full mentoring pack once you sign up.   For now the training will all be online.  We may change this in 2018 to face to face.
What is the reason for the mentoring relationships being 12 months,. Can it be shorter.? 
Currently we are offering 12 month relationships only.  Through our own experience and from the research we know the most impactful will be from having a 12 month relationship.  It takes at least 2 meetings after the initial "date" to gain the trust and rapport you want.  This allows time to agree what you want to achieve, set goals, achieve them (!). There may be times when the Mentee and Mentor may cease one or two months early as they have achieved what the Mentee wanted. 
What if I want to cancel the relationship?
If for any reason the match is not right for the Mentee or Mentor we absolutely want you to be honest, let us know and breakup. We will seek an alternative Mentor and Mentee for each woman.  What matters is that you both find the right partner and relationship.  
If the Mentee or Mentor has a different challenge that stops them from being part of the relationship please let us know as soon as is convenient and we will find a suitable solution.