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What Does A Mentor Offer?


"I wanted to find a mentor as I wanted an objective opinion of decisions I was making with my career and my life. My job is quite broad and I found it difficult to pinpoint what exactly I wanted to do and how I wanted to grow within that role.

I also felt it would be a great way to have a conversation with someone who has gone through different milestones in their career and life, how to master the work/life balance and introduce me to new ways of thinking about problems and challenges." 

Mentee 2018. Head of Communications.

A Mentor Can Partner With You To:

Find your authentic voice in the workplace without compromising who you are.
Explore your current options and new opportunities to gain clarity on your next step.
Create boundaries and gain insight and tips into achieving flexibility at work.
Figure out how to get your next promotion and how to influence as a manager and peer.
Develop leadership skills in a safe and trusted environment
Change career and become a consultant or freelancer.

We have a call to get to know you and to understand your career goals and desires 


Introduction to inspiring mentors for an initial "date" and choose one


Mentoring conversations for 12 months whom you meet for 1 hour a month


Online Mentor training to share the role and responsibilities for you and the Mentor.  


Online resources to support throughout the programme


Support from Back Yourself Mentoring

by completing the application form in Apply Here below.  This is where you tell us about you, why you want a mentor and who would best suit you.
We will have a number of calls to get to know you a little. This helps us to propose the right mentors.
Mentoring Training 
All mentees will complete our online Starting Positive mentoring programme 
We set up a date with you and your choice of mentor. Some women ask to meet one only or we offer up to two.  Then you decide!
Proposal of Mentors
We suggest one or two Mentors (your preference) to you, talking you through her career and experience. Most importantly we share why we believe you will connect.
We will review each application form within 2 weeks (we will aim to get back to you before then!)
Back Yourself Decision
Once we have spoken and we have gotten to know each other we ask you to sign up. At this stage we issue the invoice.
Ongoing support
We will check in with you every 3 months and we are here on hand for questions and advice
Have Fun Mentoring
Once you agree you both wish to partner together you start! 


Our "Invest in Yourself" package is for women who are investing in their life and future. YES! we love women who value themselves. While we would prefer if your organisation would back you we also know sometimes this is not relevant, an option or desirable.

We know that this is an investment of your time as well as a financial engagement. We

honour this by offering a discounted rate to women who are funding this themselves.

So if you are starting out in your own business or consulting, and within the first two years we recognise this is an exciting and daunting time and offer it at £495. Above two years is £695.

We offer aspiring women in the workplace mentoring for 12 months at £495. If you are Director level or above it is £695.

Below director level is £495

Director Level and above is £695

£495- £695

Is your business willing to financially support you? Have you asked? 


Mentoring costs 5 times less than traditional leadership programmes and we believe that great businesses want to engage and retain their talented women. 


The power of having women at the table and investing in women is paramount to the success of businesses.


To make this easier for you to ask your company we have put together a one-page Business Plan. This can be presented to your manager, HR or Finance Director. Drop us a line at for the document. It has worked for other women so please do ask, we would love to support you.

Below director level is £695

Director Level and above is £895

£695- £895

Meet Our Mentors

Our Mentors are women from across different backgrounds, countries, a range of industries and functions.


Each woman has worked at director level or above. They have worked for large and SME's organisations, Not For Profit and start ups, and some are successful entrepreneurs. 


Equally important each woman is compassionate and wants to giving back to another woman.

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