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Our Mentors & Circle

We are a growing thriving circle of women coming together to give back. Each woman offers her time to empower and inspire herself while inspiring another woman. ​
We warmly invite Mentors who are compassionate and wish to share their experience with another woman. Applications to mentor are open all year around. 
Back Yourself Women

Be Part of A Thriving Circle.

Meet Quarterly. 

Share, Learn, Be Inspired.

Empower Another Woman.

Inspire confidence, open up new opportunities and help create clarity for your mentee's career path


Fresh perspective from your mentees - they are future leaders & customers


Enhance your your leadership skills over 12 months


Introductions to other inspiring women in the community


Mentor training prior to starting the relationship


Online resources & support from Back Yourself 

Within 2 weeks of signing up we will have a video call to go through your fabulous career and get to know each other.
All mentors will  complete an online course
We ask each potential Mentor to complete our matching form to hear about your career journey and match you to the right woman. 
Meet mentee to check out if you can help and if the chemistry is right
Back each other
Start that life changing relationship together. 
Invited & Recommend 
Invited Mentors recommend other
mentors. If you are interested please contact us below - I'm Interested.
Ongoing support
We will check in with you every 3 months and we are here on hand for questions and advice
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