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Image by Gaspar Uhas

Embrace your body and step into your power

You’re a woman who wants to feel energised, radiant and inspired by life. You have things you want to give to the world and you’re not about to let life pass you by.
You know that it’s by honouring yourself 
that you can create the change you want to see. 
But with decades of implicit and explicit messaging telling you to ignore your needs and feel guilt and maybe shame, you’ve found that doing this is hard. You keep trying but somehow end up back where you started. You might have built a habit of soothing yourself by overconsuming food, alcohol, shopping, or work.

You want to empower yourself to heal the feminine wound, to listen to your intuition with ease, and to speak your needs and desires with sovereignty and grace. To learn about your body, your flow and how to nurture yourself with kind and consistent routines, rituals and practices.


You want to be part of a community of women on a growth path. Find a home in a place where all you have to be is yourself, with women who have your back and can set your spirit alight.

Now is your time.

GET TO KNOW YOU: Understand your emotions, reactions and responses and shift them.

MENSTRUAL MAGIC: Cycle through the magic and inner power of our cycle (400-500 cycles in our lifetime!). 

CREATE RHYTHM: Feel energised again, switch from having no time for yourself to feeling in control again with healthy habits.


CREATE CHANGE: Act on the longing you hear calling you and create the life you know you are meant to be living.

GATHER WITH OTHER WOMEN: We were never meant to figure all this out on our own, in groups we inspire and take action together.

DEEPEN YOUR RHYTHM: You want to be free and fully alive all the time.  

HEAL WITH EASE: The pushing, striving and masculine linear way is no longer for you. Create a slower, gentler approach.

TUNE INWARDS: Your body holds all the answers, tuning into your intuition is always whispering to you

SHINE BRIGHT: Start expressing and living your desires. Taking action, one step at at time.

INSPIRED TO LEAD: You know you have gifts to bring to the world and she needs you! Evolution happens quicker with others who get you.

Both programmes are online, connecting with regular rhythm, while also offering space for you to digest and create during this. If you interested to explore either of these, drop me a message  and we can see if this is what you need, together.

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