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Radiant Wisdom is a 6 month programme that will reconnect you to your inner wisdom and bring rhythm to your life, so that you can live your highest potential and purpose. 

What’s so special about this programme?


1. This programme is for those who value mentorship and are prepared to be propelled by a dynamic group of women. You will join where you are today, with openness and a desire to live a more connected life.

2. I’ve created it in sync with nature and the feminine energy. There is no hustling, no striving, no rigid goal orientation or hard and fast rules.

3. We flow with the intelligence that is around us, tune into our own intuition, and elevate one another while learning, practicing and holding each other to live the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in sync with our natural cycles.


4. We talk about the things that we don’t talk about elsewhere or have nowhere else to talk about, in a space that values inclusion, support and listening. We face fears together and make them manageable, allowing you to learn, grow, rest and regenerate.


5. I lead with my heart, with heart-based intentions, devotion and supported practices. And you can also flow in this way, creating a life full of your highest desires, recognising that you listen to your soul through your body.

Radiating Wisdom Cycle 

What does living in sync with nature and the feminine energy mean in practice? 

Nature is cyclical, and so are we. It is normal to feel one way in January and another in July, to nourish ourselves with different foods and cooking styles at different times, and with different exercises and creative pursuits. The same applies to our menstrual cycle, and we can use this knowledge to bring ease, acceptance and energy into our lives.

Radiant Journey.png

LIVE WEEKLY CIRCLE: we meet every second week as a circle of women, growing, sharing and receiving together.

ONLINE PORTAL: There is weekly video and audio content available weekly on our Radianting Wisdom portal to support you to explore and deepen your cyclical knowledge, healing and transformation.

ACCOUNTABILITY SISTER: You will choose your own accountability sister for the journey and beyond, who will be someone you support and supports you in return.

1-2-1 COACHING & MENTORING: You will have twice monthly 1-2-1 Coaching & Mentoring session with me.

WEEKEND IMMERSIONS: There will be two Saturday immersions to ignite your inner fire and kickstart your journey of cyclical living and growth.

BONUS: Energy Clearing and Healing with a Reiki Healer to begin your journey.

All women are invited to an introductory call with me before signing up, so we can be sure that this programme is right for you right now.

Are you ready? 

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know this is for me?

This is for women who have big desires, and want to bring meaningful work and energy to the world. You know to transition in and to this, you need rhythm, connection with other women and desire to live cyclically embracing your body, soul and mind.

When is the programme?

The programme runs throughout the year. We meet every second week, Wednesday evenings at 7pm UK/Ireland time. You will receive weekly video and audio content delivered to your inbox, with guest speakers and two Saturday workshops. You flow through this at your pace while always seeking to attend the live calls.


For how long will I have access to the portal?

After enrolling, you have access to the portal for as long as you would like; you receive lifetime access.


Is the programme open to women of all ages?

We welcome women of all ages but find the programme is best suited for women in their late twenties and older.


Do I need to be menstruating to join?

 Whether you’re menstruating, seeking to return to menstruating, no longer menstruating or preparing to no longer menstruate you are welcome.


Why is it important to meet every week so regularly?

Making space for our gathering is both a reminder and a chance to pause and slow down, making space for yourself to recalibrate and check that you are meeting your needs.


What happens if I can’t attend one of the live calls?

We record all the live circles and post them on the group portal so you won’t miss a thing.

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