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Are you passionate about supporting women with their health and youwish you knew more about Women's Health? Are you seeing more and more women every month with menstrual pain, PMS, struggling to conceive or wanting more information on peri-menopause and wish you had the expertise to support them ? Do you want to be able to offer them practical guidance and bring them back to harmony?

Then this training is for you! Ayurveda is a holistic system that looks at the wHOLe woman and offers mind, body and spirit harmony.

Hello I'm Susan Sheehan and I am inviting you to this training! (And a celebration of women!)

Nearly every therapist, coach, nutritionist, energy healer and mentor I speak to is seeing women coming to them with Menstrual Health and Peri-Menopause issues. Often it is mentioned in passing, and accepted as a by product of being a woman. The reality is we have 450 cycles in our life, so it is time we know how to heal our cycle, thrive with vitality to conceive and come back to a healthy rhythm. 
I am currently the only practitioner in Ireland trained and practicing in Menstrual Health and Ayurveda and I am offering this training with other women therapists to expand your business with this knowledge. I also wish for all women to know this, so the invitation is for every woman to join us.
Conventional medicine does not understand this wisdom, so we all need to learn and share this! 
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Elevate Your Own Health & Your Business


I promise you this - this is not complicated. You do not need to study for years. Everyone that puts your heart into this will be able to share this and bring it into your own life at the end of the training. My only ask is that you jump in with all of you - mind, body and spirit!

Menstrual Health

Up to 80% of menstruating women (aged 9 years - yeah I know, younger and younger we will cover why this is happening up to 50 years) experience some period pain or PMS. This is common and often accepted, it is definitely not normal.

I have worked with many many women who have eased or completely erased period pain, cramping or PMS symptoms within a couple of months of working with me. Day one we will go in-depth into the Menstrual Cycle, Principles of Ayurveda, Dosha's and practices. You will know how to diagnose and offer immediate remedies (non-pharma) to alleviate problems.


One in six couples are experiencing infertility issues and unfortunately this is increasing with 50% of couples expected to need IVF by 2050. For 5,000 years Ayurveda has known how to conceive naturally working with the mind, lifestyle and nutrition. Vata is the primary dosha that we will concentrate on in the second workshop, because when we bring the nervous system and body back to rhythm the couple can consciously conceive with more ease.


From 35 years onwards our body is beginning to change.  By the time we come into our 40's we are moving from a Pitta time of life to Vata life stage. From fire, intensity and activity to a swiller and dryer time (think of dry vagina, eyes, hair, skin). We are meant to change our life in sync with our body changes.  Our hormones are often asking us to slow down but women continue living life coming into their mid to late 40's exactly the same.

And this concoction and two opposing forces leads to an imbalance. You will learn about the spiritual calling, the remedies and practices that women can adopt at this time to ease into menopause. 

3 Lifestage's. 3 Energies

Every woman needs to understand her body. We have neither been passed this information from our mothers nor does it appear anywhere in our education or communities. So we need to change this ourselves, we need to empower and learn for ourselves and for the women we work with. 


As a trained Menstrual Educator, Ayurvedic Health Coach, a Birth and Port Partum Doula in training a and Reiki Practitioner I have created this training bringing this wisdom into one place.  I believe if we can bring rhythm back to the body, remove blockages, pain and be informed we can create amazing lives for ourselves and the women we work with. This is not just about physical understanding, this is deeply intuitive work, spiritual, emotional and mental healing.

At end of this training you will

.....Understand what is happening to the physical body, the emotional and mental engeries, what causes PMS and other severe menstrual health issues (I do not focus on the the hormonal cycle, you can google that easily) 

.....You will be able to identify and diagnose natural lifestyle, nutrition, mental shifts and practices to empower her and what her body needs

.....Understand the principles of Ayurveda, identify the symtoms and how they are related to the doshas, how to bring the woman back to her original constitution, using the gunas, practices for each kosha and yummy practices for you and her to experience at home

...... Certification of Completion and self study with online content Portal

I want to share this so that you can help as many women as possible! Are you ready for the details on how.......

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know this is for me?

You want to include Menstrual & Peri Menopause Health in your business to fully support your clients. You want to understand our Menstrual Cycle, common PMS issues, how to create rhythm for conception and expand your business, start holding women circles or know more about yourself.

I am also really happy to have a 15 minutes conversation to explore if this is for you.

What is the entry requirement?

A genuine interest in understanding woman's body and our innate wisdom and cycles. You may already be an expert in your own field, or have a high level knowledge of the seasons and cycles, or you may be interested in going into some element of health and wellness and this will elevate your knowledge and ability to walk with another woman. 


Who is this training for? 

We welcome all health practitioners - hand on massage therapists, talk therapists, yoga teachers, nurses, nutritionists, wellbeing professionals and those who have a desire to know more. 

I encourage you also if you want to know more about yourself. You do not have to be a health practitioner, I wish every woman to know this wisdom. 



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