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Next Women's Circle

Wednesday 8th July, 7-8pm UK & IST and 8-9pm CET. 

Online, you guessed it, via Zoom.

Click below to pre- register or email Susan at if you have any questions. 

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As women we have an innate desires to connect, to create and to contribute meaningfully to our communities.


Our intuition is so wise and when we are in flow, we are in full expression of ourselves. We can hear what our soul is whispering gently to us, we can express what she needs and we speak our truth. 


We are seen and heard. 


Essentially, we are living in alignment with our values, desires and health.


Let’s be honest, it is not easy to tap into that. Society and the system we live in is more about external validation, constant action and places little value on pausing and nourishing ourselves.  We need to prioritise ourselves and find ways to reconnect with the woman inside. 


Our Women’s Circle offers a warm and nurturing place to share, explore, experience and tune into our intuition. Through our internal rhythms including the menstrual cycle, active meditation, the holistic knowledge of Ayurveda, movement and much more fun we will journey this reconnection together. 

Why Women's Circles?

I reconnected back to myself, after years of numbing and pushing myself to the extent that I didn’t know who I was, by finding women only spaces. The feminine energy which is what we are seeking to invite more of into our lives, has a softness and a strength in it. And women's circles are abound with this energy. 


We know how to hold space for each other and we know we can be ourselves. We create ideas, explore being vulnerable (without fixing each other) and we learn from each other. If you haven’t experienced it, I invite to find the right women circle for you.  

What to expect

Womens Circles

A Place To Connect With Ourselves And Each Other

We gather together to explore, feel and celebrate the wonder and awe that is our feminine energy and reconnect with our inner wisdom. 

Choosing consciously.

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