Your Healing Session


Each healing session is unique to you and your needs. It may include energy healing or it may not, it depends on what you desire and what you are ready for. 


An initial consultation will last 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 and a half hours. We always start each session checking in - "how are you?". Relaxed and informal. We will leave 30 minutes for your energy healing and clearing, where you get to relax. You may feel sleepy or even snooze during this!If you haven't received Reiki before we can talk through it all. You will attend three sessions in all, in consecutive weeks. 

Women generally leave feeling more relaxed, calmer and more grounded. 

You can choose in-person on Fridays in a private space in Kildimo, Co Limerick or online. Initial consultation is €60 euro with all following session €50. If you have any further questions email me on and we can arrange a call via 0870641086 or WhatsApp me.

If you are ready I am here. Your body, your healing journey.


Who Is This For?

This is for you if you are feeling disconnected, lost or often in pain before or during menstruation. Emotionally and mentally the women I support are exhausted, have no knowledge of their body and what she is whispering or screaming to them. I have been there, I know this, and know you are not alone! 

You may also be looking to consciously birth or conceive, or move with grace into pre menopause years.


Some Jewels TO Know About Your Inner Temple

  • Our menstrual bleed is a monthly health check.

  • Depending on your Ayurveda constitution, your dosha, you will know how many days is your typical bleed. Pitta is 3 days, Kapha is 3-5 days and Vata's are irregular they may arrive, disappear and come back again. 

  • The Autumn phase is when everything that has not been said, or what you truly want from your life bubbles up and shows up as anger, depression or anxiety

  • This may continue into menopause if you don't acknowledge and turn towards yourself. 

  • When you bleed you need to slow down so that your energy can go downwards and eliminate the blood rather than running around pushing our energy up

  • Prolonged and infrequent bleeding may be due to the liver detoxing and using the menstrual bleed to rid the body of the toxins.

If  you would like an initial chat contact me via email