Connect To Your Menstrual Cycle   


Discover the inner wisdom of your Menstrual Cycle to create more comfort, acceptance and ease. When we connect to our cycle and its powers, we align our bodies and life to one of deep intuition and integrity to ourselves. 


You will learn to recognise your unique trends, synchronise your calendar and use this awareness to create opportunities and clarity in your life and work.


Susan shares her knowledge of reversing decades of tolerating her cycle to awakening a deeper connection to herself. She blends her insights and knowledge with a passion for self-healing and living a fuller life.

Menstrual Cycle Online Workshops & One Day Immersions

For Women's Groups & Organisations

Susan hosts regular online workshops to empower women to connect with themselves through embracing your menstrual cycle. If embrace is too strong an emotion, I hear you, I used to feel like that. You can though, become affectionate about your cycle. 

Things you may not know about your period;

  • Our menstrual bleed is a monthly health check.

  • Our menstrual blood has immune cells so clears out our womb.

  • Depending on your Ayurveda constitution, your dosha, you will know how many days is your typical bleed. Pitta is 3 days, Kapha is 3-5 days and Vata's are irregular they may arrive, disappear and come back again. 

  • The Autumn phase is when you can tune into your deep intuition and hear truths about what your heart truly desires. 

  • When we bleed we need to slow down so that your energy can go downwards and eliminate the blood rather than running around pushing our energy up

  • Prolonged and infrequent bleeding may be due to the liver detoxing and using the menstrual bleed to rid the body of the toxins.

There is so much more to learn and share. Drop me an email via the button below and we can book in a time to discuss.