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Hello & Welcome!


I’m Susan Sheehan, a former Boardroom executive turned Menstrual Health Educator, Birth Doula and Holistic Women's Health Practitioner.

I returned to my native Ireland in 2021 after two decades away. It is a huge transition from London (UK) and a few years in Spain. But as anyone who has lived away, home is always home and slowly I am diving into new friendships and projects while still working around Europe to keep the adventurer in me alive! 


I'm passionate about women understanding their bodies and emotions, listening to the messages she is sending you, and changing your life to live in harmony. 

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I didn't know in my formative years that women have a month long cycle, and that we are tuned into the bigger cycles in the universe. So it wasn't surprising that I was living without rhythm, feeling physical pain and emotional angst every month. While feeling like something was off, doing work that was depleting me and in relationships that were keeping me stuck. I was literally bored in the boardroom having reach COO level, but such "success" in the media industry offered little entertainment to me. 

As with most of us, it took pain and continuous loud reminders from my body to finally say "Ok I am listening! What do you need from me?". My monthly period would announce herself with anger the week before, sometimes tears, and then with cramps, migraines and fatigue. Most months this would happen - that is 25% of the month. 25% of my life! 

So I started to study and train. The intellectual mind needed to understand my body first. I studied nutrition with CNM, which led me to Menstrual Cycle Wisdom, I dived into Yoga and Meditation as a student and trained as a teacher, became an NLP practitioner.


It wasn't until I found Ayurveda, that everything clicked. It is practical, ancient knowledge about how our mind and body interacts, as well as the mystical and spiritual beings that we are. I am the only woman in Ireland that is combining Ayurveda with Womens Health, specifically Menstrual Cycle, which includes peri-Menopause. And so I am now teaching this after years of holding women's groups and continuing to do 121 with women in person in Ireland and online.  

I look forward to journeying with you and healing ourselves. 


With Love,


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