I’m Susan Sheehan. I spent twenty plus years ignoring I am a woman, with an internal rhythm, a huge heart and a sensitive soul. I am here on this planet for a reason, one is to speak about my own, and our collective experience as women, and importantly to heal. 

Born in Ireland I left as many do and I went travelling. I lived in London for 20 years. The place is less important, but with big cities as you know, you have to move fast, talk fast and unless you are super aware you will lose yourself. Which is what happened me after being there a decade. I got lost.

Predictably it took pain and continuous loud reminders from my body to finally say "Ok I am listening! What do you need from me?". My monthly period would announce herself with anger the week before, sometimes tears, and then with cramps, migraines and fatigue. Most months this would happen - that is 25% of the month. 25% of my life! 


What I didn't know then was all of this was completely reasonable given I had turned away from myself. The word womb was a biological term only, my monthly cycle was a nuisance, I was numbing out on addictions including over-working, drinking and reacting to sugar cravings.

As women we have been told to get on with things, suffer silently, we moved from having births surrounded with those who love us at home to having children in unconscious hospitals, lying on our back's (ever tried to even poop lying down!?). Homemaking is not valued, feminism is an external construct and results in women, like me, thinking that having a career is more important than creating and loving a human being. 

It's time to gather, to share and to heal. It's time to appreciate the wisdom of our cycle, to share about natural pregnancy loss and well as conscious decision making to end a pregnancy. It's time to be open about our decisions not to have children or if it didn't happen for us to be able to speak to it without shame or judgement. It's time to heal bonds between mothers and daughters, at any age, and to support women who love being a mother at home and feel guilty for it or don't feel like they are a nurturing mother and feel guilty for it..........


It's time to clear out these old wounds, some of them are ours, some are our ancestors and the collective women's experience. With innate wisdom, energy Healing, monthly circles and 121 work this is what I desire for you, for me, for all of us. 

I am here if you wish to journey together.


With Love,


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