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An Evening to Share, Explore and Nourish Ourselves and Each Other.

Do you ever procrastinate over something forever? Do you plan it in your heard, talk about it, know the details of how you are going to do it even. And yet somehow it just doesn't seem to happen!

I heard Liz Gilbert (Author of Big Magic) say the other day "all procrastination is fear". I am not sure what fear I was avoiding, whatever it was, I finally overcame it. And it was so worth it!!

On Monday 3rd September 2018 we had our first Back Yourself Mentoring evening soiree. The occasion was deserving of a stylish and intimate venue, ideally born from a charitable ethos. After some venue decision making (and yes more procrastination) we gathered at BFI in London.

Mamta Gera, Kelly Walls, Upasna Bhadhal and Elizabeth Stiles in conversation. Photo credit: Jess Yau Photography

I have been struck by the power of attending and organising women only events. With a background in events, none can compare to the energy where women come together and share. Womens circles have been around since the beginning of time. And they have created history in those circles.

There is an intimacy and vulnerability that can exist in these spaces, that is often not available to us elsewhere, and certainly not in our workplaces. The intention of Back Yourself events is a safe space where you can be yourself. We can be ambitious and have purpose, with no need to compete with each other.

It is a space and circle to support and propel ourselves and each other mutually.

From my own experience I know these spaces and circles are growing and becoming more popular. It is important to find one that answers your needs, whatever that may be. The need is real, we have less time, more demands and feel less fulfilled. We need to find communities to be ourselves, recognising that "striving" and "hustling" are not what makes us happy. We need to embrace or rediscover our creativity, seek outlets for our collaborative nature and support each other.

The evening air was filled with the laughter of wise, creative mentees, mentors and our supporters. Women who are starting out in their corporate careers, CEO's, freelancers and entrepreneurs. What we do isn't what brings us together, it is our stories and our willingness to share.

I know I left the evening feeling lighter, more connected and happier. Which also means I felt healthier. And from the emails I have received since, I know that is that was the feeling from our evening together.

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