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Seed Cycling To Soothe Your Menstrual Cycle (and help return to a cycle)

Updated: Jul 2

I get asked frequently what can I eat or what supplements can I buy to help bring balance to my menstrual cycle.

Personally I am not an advocate of taking lots of supplements unless you know that you are definitely deficient in something. If you do decide to take supplements then you need to understand by taking a supplement that is not in its original form what is it doing to the equilibrium that they body already has, does it help it?

I'm not entirely sure that anyone can answer that in one session. Maybe in-depth testing.

Anyway what I always recommend to women who are menstruating or wish to return to their cycle is seed cycling because so many women have said this has helped them. Including me! I started seed cycling back in 2019 and my cycle from this time through to now (2023) has gone from being irregular to now being 28 days.

While I cannot attest to it being all down to seed cycling, and indeed I wouldn't, because it is rarely one thing that pushes us out of balance, no more than it will be one action that brings us back into balance.

What I do know is that it brought daily attention to my cycle and where I was in it and what I am eating. It is suggested that consuming these ground up seeds during the two phases of the cycle will bring hormonal balance. That it relieves cramping, pre menstrual symptoms, irregular bleeding, PCOS so that you generally feel better.

In the first half of your cycle you ground 1-2 tablespoons of flax seed and pumpkin seed and in the second half of your cycle ground 1-2 tablespoons of sesame and sunflower seeds until the first day of your bleed.

I would start with one tablespoon and increase as suits you, or two from the off. Your body will know! You can can them to your porridge, granola, soups, stews. They do need to be ground rather than whole of they may pass right through to no avail!

Any questions about this just drop me an email!

Updated: 2nd July 2024. I have now recorded a podcast about Seed Cycling and the benefits of it which you can find on the Podcast page.

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