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Menstrual Health sessions include addressing period and ovulatory irregularities, period pain, PMS, amenorrhea, hormonal contraception rebalancing and fertility.


We can create your session to choose and combine menstrual health awareness, energy healing, Ayurveda and abdominal therapy so that you receive the support, advice and outcome that is right for you. 

Sessions can be booked individually or as couples. 

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Period Pain & Emotional PMS

While physical pain often combined with mental and emotional monthly rollercoasters are common, they are not what you are destined to.


When we dread our period or ovulation understandably we blame our body. Tension builds and becomes stuck in our body and womb area, so each month it creates more stress, pain and trauma. 

The cycle needs to be broken so you can enjoy your life and menstrual health. This is absolutely possible. 

Fertility Egg Freezing

Fertility & Pregnancy 

You may be at the start of your journey and want to be informed, taking a holistic and natural route, you may have exhausted all other avenues or you wish to support yourself with complementary practices. 

Whatever your reason you and your partner can create sessions to include menstrual health awareness, lifestyle influence,, energy and abdominal therapy. 

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Menstrual Cycle Education

There are four phases of our monthly cycle, where our physical capability, our mental capacity and emotional responses have a rhythm which we can influence and nourish. When you know this cycle we can choose how we want to experience our menstrual cycle every month. I offer 121 and group sessions to explain and guide you back to a healthy cycle, along with supporting videos available on an online portal for your convenience. 

Initial Consultation involves understanding your complete health history, lifestyle, stress factors, treatments to date. 


Initial Consultation 1.5 hours

Follow Up Sessions  

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