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Our lifestyle is our medicine  - Sleep, Movement, Stress, Food and Mindfulness. 


Ayurveda is the ancient Indian health system that combines all of these aspects informing you what practices, foods, eating and sleeping patterns best suit you and your unique body. We are all unique, so one size does not fit all.  The Circadian Rhythm which medicine is now actively incorporating into their medical advice is the cornerstone of our health as well as the dosha's in Ayurveda. 

I believe that our emotions are a significant part of our mental and physical health. Of course our ancestors and what we chose to enter this world with also influence our health. However, I am committed to work with what we control, which is our lifestyle, to seek harmony and balance so that you, and I, get to tune into that inner voice and choose what you want for your life. 

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One To One  

You come for an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation if you body and mind are feeling out of whack, life feels out of control, you cannot sleep, your mind is constantly spinning negative crappy thought, you are constantly bloated, blenching or constipated and your mind cannot seem to make any clear decision. 

This is your body messaging you to say - hey over here please help me. You can have harmony in your body, mind and soul. Ayurveda offers practices, insight, practical tools and a way of starting each day afresh. 

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Workshops & Trainings

I love offering independent workshops as well as being invited into centres, yoga studios and workplaces to share Ayurveda. 

Everyone loves to know what their Dosha's are (you can do the test here), once you do you know what your tendencies are physically and how you respond emotionally and mentally to situations. For women it is also a great way to understand menstruating and peri menopausal symptoms and how to address them. 


In-person & Online Courses

Having trained as a Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, and living an Ayurvedic Lifestyle for the past four years I now offer trainings in Ayurveda. 

These are for people who have heard about Ayurveda and want to delve in deeper. You may have heard of it through yoga or one of my workshops or other trainings. It has a particular knowledge about women's health that is missing currently in our medical system, one system cannot be an expert in everything, and nor can we expect it to be. However, when we understand our body you can choose your own health path. 

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