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Longing To Belong

What does a new year mean to you?

For my birthday back at the end of October I felt that was my new year. After a year of huge personal change I decided to spend my birthday on my own. I had plans and a few days before I cancelled all of them.

I found out the time of my birth earlier this year (11:31am) and decided to sit in silence during the hour of my birth. I don't know where that idea came from. Maybe it was because I had an in-depth astrology reading from this woman, Hilary Peoples, the week before and it prompted me to think of my personal new year.

It was a beautiful experience to sit during the hour of my birth, thinking of me being birthed, by and with my mother. We forget that we were there, our cells, our soul remembers our birth. Sitting in that in-between space of before my birth, during and after was special. It can't be truly shared as your experience will be unique to you.

Maybe it is one for you for your next birth day.

My birthday celebrations would normally go on for six months, involve at least one flight and new city, a fancy restaurant and lots of dinners and catching up with my favourite people.

This year I just wanted simplicity. And waaaaaay less noise.

It seems like an oxymoron but I felt more of a sense of belonging this year by being on my own. Do you know what I mean? When you drop all expectations and just allow some space to sit and say, huh I wonder what this will be like.

We all crave belonging.

We long for it.

Maybe because we had it as we incubated in our mothers womb or our soul already knew it from another time or place.

Whatever you choose to believe about where we came from and why we are here - I believe this - we all want to feel like we belong. And to some extent because we have already felt that deep belonging before we came here, will we always be searching for it?

I don't know about you but "work" has always taken up so much space in my life and my thoughts when planning. Yes we need to work, to be financially secure, but does it need to take up all the space in our head? True belonging has nothing to do with how much you earn, the place you live, or amount of stuff you have. It can't be filled with scrolling, or likes or over working, eating or drinking or even over exercising.

For me true belonging comes from balance, a rhythm with life, this home we call earth and spending time with her and others we share her with.

And of course belonging is listening to our heart.

And once we stop and hear our hearts true longing that she is whispering to us, maybe for the 3,721st time, we then truly take a step towards that longing.

A longing may be for a quiet moment, to sing a song, to take a breathe, a hug with a friend, or to stop doing, to put down the phone and stop. It may be to take one step towards a new future that may take two years to create. Oh my gosh will she love you for listening to her though.

I know for me it's more singing and music in my life. Which of course makes me stop and pause. Listen to your heart, she never misleads you when she whispers quietly.

I will leave you with this question...

What do you truly long for?

Go gently my friend.

With Love,


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