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Big LOVE Is Everywhere

Pure Love. BIG Love is everywhere.

I'm referring to the Love that you feel for a beloved one, it may be a sister, a friend, a child, your dog, the plants you lovingly tend to and speak to. Big, eternal Love is what you feel suddenly, apparently out of nowhere.

They are Divine moments. You know when a bird hops across your path or stops you in your tracks as you are walking. And she sings loudly to you with clarity and beauty that literally takes your breath away. And you stand and listen and watch her in awe. Knowing in that moment that same beauty and Love is within you.

Love is everywhere, within us, you and me. When you can feel it, it literally flows and bubbles up and your whole body swells and vibrates with it. It may be that moment that you rest your head on the mat in child's pose, or journal about an incredible moment in your day or you rest forehead's with someone or share a heart filled hug with another.

That is Love. All pure. All Love.

It's worth saying I'm not talking about partnership/relationship Love. That is just one small aspect of us human beings. This is Love that is encapsulated in a smile shared with another, that needs no words. Everything is said with the eye's, that comes from the heart. Have you ever been with someone who shines so brightly that depending on where you are in your heart, it can lift you to the heavens and you respond like a mirror? Or it can be too bright because you are not in that space and you can't let it in. That last place is a tough place to be. I know it, I know you do, we all do.

I have deliberately chosen to use capital letter for Love each time. Because Love is Consciousness, Love is God and Goddess. Love is all there is. Love is eternal and real. Love is all that matters. The other God's we worship like material wealth, status, power, greed, they are empty. They cause pain, illness, loneliness, and internal and external wars.

The reality is we don't even need to do anything, we just be. Imagine right now that you feel this swell of Love within you. Just for this one moment. Think of your younger self as a three year old with tenderness or your favourite person in this whole beautiful planet. The energy and vibration you feel right now, that is flooding through your cells.

So let's allow it for a moment.

....And by pure karma, you are sending this to all on our planet.

Just be, as often as you can. Look people in the eye as you meet with them. Chant gently or blast out your favourite songs. Sit in the sun, or the rain, on a bench, on the ground, in a park, by a gently moving river. Love is easier to feel in natural spaces and with natural sounds, but it's not external, it's all within us. We only need to be and allow it to swell and flow through us.

I wish you, and myself, Love. More moments of pure Love. Big LOVE.

Credit: Paul Southwood

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