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Crossing The Veil With Grace

Last night I went to my first yoga and meditation class in ages. I left floating. I was completely zen, gently buzzing. You know like you see the happy bee's on the flowers in summer. I could feel it while I navigated the dusk Irish roads. I'm not used to driving in dusk and especially without street lights yet.

As I drove I was marvelling at what one hour of complete relaxation, om'ing and thoughtful physical yoga can do with a room of women.

And I also knew that I had started to enter another state.

When we are on the cusp of menstruating there are many physical, spiritual and mental energies moving through us and within us. You might often feel a burst of energy. Some women feel so much energy they feel like going to the gym or for a run. And you may feel a surge of sexual energy, sending libido high and wanting to pleasure yourself or with another. I know I feel both.

Menstruating and the energy that comes through at this time is energy. It is sexual, and it is from the divine. It is an invitation to recognise that we are going into another realm. For me it usually happens within 12-24 hours of bleeding.

It will look different for each of us. This is what the embodied experience is for me. I feel myself withdraw, it's like this soft focus comes to my physical eyes, internally a quietness comes in, I turn off all noise, even gentle music. I don't want anything to interrupt. I can be sitting beside a loved one in the same room and it can envelope me lovingly. It's like a trance. If you have ever delved into substances or plants you may recognise this feeling of floating.

One foot is in this world, on earth, and the other foot has taken a step through the veil. The "real" world is no longer in focus. It fades away. It is beautiful. And tender.

It is subtle. It can easily be interrupted by myself of others if I don't stay in that feminine, receptive state. All that it requires is to receive and go to the other place. Accept the invitation to go.

I will come back and forth, sometimes it doesn't last long as I may be interrupted, or I fall asleep. Sometimes it lasts for an entire morning or day. Like this morning where I feel it. I am soaking my feet as I share this with you. I wanted to capture it this month so I could share it with you. Each month, when I do allow myself to cross the veil, I vow to share it with you afterwards. And then it floats away for another month.

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