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It's Time That Women Know This

It is time to shine a light on women and recognise us for who we are. All aspects of us.

Women and men are different. Physically and energetically we are different. We are similar in that we all desire love, compassion, understanding and acceptance.

But we are not made of the same stuff. Women bleed every month and we create life, or have the opportunity to do so. Men cannot do this. So seeking to be the same or equal is, quite frankly baloney. It is! Should we treat each other with respect, be kind to all - yes of course! Do we have masculine and feminine in us? Yes, both! All of us. Although not always in balance!

Women need to be women. We do! I don't know about you but I got completely lost in my 9-5 work. I used to work all hours, climbed the corporate ladder, numbed out at the weekend with wine and TV before going back into the cycle of another week of long days, no loo breaks and meeting after meeting. This is still far too common.

In the midst of all that, stress and subtle despair goes through our body. She feels lost. And you don't know why. (I always refer to my body as she, she is me, she is also part of me, as she is with us and speaks to us ALL the time).

In my case the linear way of living started to show up in my health. I didn't get sick, or so I thought. I thought I was "healthy as an ox". But it was showing up nearly every month in my menstrual health. I thought that the problem was my period, as in I was blaming my period for the cramps or overly worrying about everything. I did not understanding that my menstrual health IS my health.

Migranes, cramping and anything from irritation to anger! I used to have to cancel meetings incase I might take out my suppressed anger on someone else. Little did I know then what I now understand. Women are cyclical, we are not linear. What do I mean by that? Work places are linear, clock in at 9am or whatever time you start work, do your work, take lunch break, feel the same and perform the same every day, go home, eat, sleep. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Women are cyclical. We are not linear. We are not meant to live like robots!

We have different energies depending on where we are in our monthly cycle. There are four phases, and we feel different in each, we respond differently to ourselves and those around us, we are more creative post menstruation, we are more reflective before we menstruate, we are our most social when we ovulate. Imagine if we lived like this! Imagine how we would turn up at work, and how we would allow the other women to flow where they are, we would speak up when we knew it is right for us (not when we are told to) and we would be so much more in balance. Just by recognising we are real women with beating unique pulses of varying energies.

We are powerful and vulnerable, honest and tender, outspoken and creative, clear and reflective, direct and always creating. We are all of this when we are in balance and flowing with our monthly cycle.

Only when we are in balance though. And to be in balance - You Have To Know Yourself. As women we have to know what is going on in our bodies. This knowledge has been lost over the centuries. It is now re-emerging and being remembered. And I promise you, this is not complex. Once you hear it, your body will say "oh yeah I know this, I feel this every month!"

I believe that every woman needs and desires to know this. Why? So that you can take care of you, only listen to your own body and what she wants. You are unique and cyclical. Once you know this knowledge, and tune into it, you will know forever. It is and can be that simple. Truly.

Susan Sheehan is a Women's Health Therapist, specialising in Menstrual and Pre-Menopause Health, combining Ayurveda and Reiki Energy Healing. I work 121 with women, in schools for our future women, host workshops and small women groups for all women, including other women who want to support other women in their menstrual health. You can find her on social media on SusanSheehan.WomensHealth and on

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