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Menstrual Health &  Fertility | Ayurveda Lifestyle Mentor | Energy Healing 

Hello, I'm Susan Sheehan and you are so welcome here!

My approach to guiding women to health and healing is through rhythm in our Nutrition, Movement, Mental Calm and Being Happy.

We need to come back to our own bodies wisdom. But we need to know it first. 

I knew nothing growing up about my menstrual cycle and how there are four phases in the month, which impacts how I feel, how physically strong I am, or when I am more mentally comfortable standing up and speaking my truth. And rest, when were we ever taught that!

I didn't know that when women are disturbed in birth it is like being interrupted mid orgasm. Yeah, I know! It is distressing for Mama and Baby, oxytocin goes straight out the window, and things can spiral. Or not......

I had never heard of conscious conception and how we can speak to our baby before they come in. How we can prepare our own body physically and mentally so that we are not passing on our patterns.

Now I do. 

And I am teaching and sharing this with other women and health practitioners that also want to know, live and share this. 

We will always come back to the Womb and our Heart. All the answers lie within.

A Sacred Blend Of Practical & Magical

Women have always held the key to our own healing. We were the first healers, midwifing ourselves and others. This wisdom is innate in us, all we need is to awaken it.

Healing comes from understanding your body and having tangible, practical knowledge. I share a combination of specific women's health practices from Ayurveda, Birth Doula, and modern medicine with Reiki energy healing.  

Left brain knowledge and logical application is needed to change patterns and create new habits but then we want to engage the right hand side.  Our feminine relaxes, receives and hears our deep intuition to know what we need - physically and in all aspects of our life. 
Enjoying Nature

Training's, 121's & Workshops


Women's Health & Ayurveda

Modern Medicine only looks at the physical symptoms and individual organs. Ayurveda is a holistic medicine, it looks at the wHOLe woman.
This 3 month training gives you the skills to identify, diagnose and guide women back into balance. You will know understand the foundations and principles of Ayurveda and how to apply them to all areas of women's health. This training is for Health Practitioners and women who want to know more about their own body. You do not require any prior knowledge. 
We will look at your unique need's and desires, understanding your body and what messages she is sending you. 

You will have a clear plan of how to bring balance back to, mind, body and spirit for your menstrual health, fertility or journey to motherhood. Supported by Reiki Energy Healing at the end of sessions if suitable. 



Workshops in Ireland & Europe


These workshops are filled with practical knowledge, interactive practices for self application at home and being in company with other curious women.

They are for women who want to heal yourself, your clients, daughter, niece, grandaughter or any woman in our life. 


121 Consultations
Online & In Person (Ireland)

Kind Words Over The Years....

Monique G

Working with Susan was pivotal in helping me to embark on the next stage of my self-development; and I'd go so far to say it was life changing.  It offered a bridge into a world of focusing on me and my needs, which had been so easy to forget living and working in fast passed city environments for so long.  Susan's work offers brilliant frameworks, yet she guides with a gentle freedom to explore.  I cannot thank her enough for helping me to get to this point in life, and I'll always remember it as such an important milestone.  THANK-YOU 

Suzie E

Each week, Susan led us through either a meditation, a breathing technique, or some joyful dancing (my personal favourite), as well as sharing her ayurvedic knowledge with all of us. I now think about my own menstrual cycle in terms of the seasons and recognise my own energy levels in their context. I loved finding out about my own dosha and have since adjusted my diet slightly in line with it. I have more personal shifts to make but my awareness has grown and I know I will continue to make them, little by little.

Nikki F 

I found a place I could truly be myself, I also found a community of women who are inspiring, compassionate and who help me grow and be the best version of me I could possibly be. This is done through love, care, compassion and feminine wisdom. .Since the very first moment of this journey when I opened the first video, my soul and my body sighed in relief. Best of all though, is the fact I can see the stress rating on my watch has dropped by 50% since I began connecting to myself and hearing my inner wisdom and using all the feminine power I have. 

Sina P has been like an initiation for me - into femininity, womanhood, sisterhood. The small group of women Susan brought together provides space for connection, contemplation and reflection. Together with particular practices for every day and journeying through the seasons of the year and ourselves I developed a stability from my core I now radiate from. I am grateful to have been guided so lovingly, intentionally and with great dedication. I now have a broader perspective of what it means to be a woman today and what I want it to mean in my life. 

Sophie Y

 I feel much more in tune with my body as a direct result of the programme and have had the most wonderful time connecting with like-minded women. I have embedded new daily practices into my life, and am hugely grateful to Susan for her support, kindness and wisdom.

Podcasts & Speaking

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