Connect To Your Body, Mind & Spirit.

You Deserve Harmony, Vitality and Calm Every Month.
Your Menstrual Cycle Is An Indicator Of Your
Health & Fertility. How Is Your's?


How Is Your Energy?

Our body is energy. And like anything energy can get stuck and cause blockages. These blockages build up over time and cause emotional, mental and physical symptoms. Energy healing allows your body and mind to flow again, bringing balance and vibrancy back to the endocrine (hormonal) system, nervous system and harmony to the whole body.

Your Body, Your Wisdom, Your Healing Journey

Feeling at home and at peace in your body is what you desire and deserve.

You can experience your whole monthly cycle without pain, cramping, migraine's or excessive bleeding. Every woman deserves to know that anger, anxiety or feeling depressed is not "just the way it is".


You may desire to move from feeling sick and tired of your period to tuning into the mystical, magical and spiritual time that it is. Maybe you just want to be pain free to live fully and freely all month long. Or you may want to return to your cycle after a chosen or enforced pause. 

All is possible. 

A Sacred Blend Of Practical & Magical

Women have always held the key to our own healing. We were the first healers, midwifing ourselves and others. This wisdom is innate in us, all we need is to awaken it.

Healing comes from understanding your body and having tangible, practical knowledge. I share a combination of specific women's health wisdom from Ayurveda and modern medicine with Reiki energy healing.  

Left brain knowledge is great to take home and bring into your life yourself, however combine this with energy healing will bolster your energy, release blocks that are sitting around making you feel "off" and feel more alive!

Enjoying Nature
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Benefit's of One To One Sessions

First we chat and you receive the power of self knowledge to take your health into your own hands after the session. The remainder of the time together is you relaxing during the energy healing. The energy works brings;

  • Aides hormonal balance & fertility

  • Cleanses the body of toxins & supports your immune system

  • Improves blood circulation and flow

  • Clears the mind and body of blockages and stagnation

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improves sleep and boost energy levels

It may aide reducing hormonal imbalances including irregular cycles, cramping

menstrual pain and bringing emotional harmony to your mind, body and soul.

Kind Words....

Nikki F 

I found a place I could truly be myself, I also found a community of women who are inspiring, compassionate and who help me grow and be the best version of me I could possibly be. This is done through love, care, compassion and feminine wisdom. .Since the very first moment of this journey when I opened the first video, my soul and my body sighed in relief. Best of all though, is the fact I can see the stress rating on my watch has dropped by 50% since I began connecting to myself and hearing my inner wisdom and using all the feminine power I have. 

Suzie E

Each week, Susan led us through either a meditation, a breathing technique, or some joyful dancing (my personal favourite), as well as sharing her ayurvedic knowledge with all of us. I now think about my own menstrual cycle in terms of the seasons and recognise my own energy levels in their context. I loved finding out about my own dosha and have since adjusted my diet slightly in line with it. I have more personal shifts to make but my awareness has grown and I know I will continue to make them, little by little.

Sophie Y

 I feel much more in tune with my body as a direct result of the programme and have had the most wonderful time connecting with like-minded women. I have embedded new daily practices into my life, and am hugely grateful to Susan for her support, kindness and wisdom.

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