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Abdominal & Pelvic | Ayurveda | Energy | Menstrual & Fertility  Therapies

Welcome, Día Dhuit, Namaste, Hola!

This is a space for self healing, empowered with knowledge and choice and dedicated to living a full fertile life. I offer options for women and their menstrual health, couples on their fertility journey, girl's with menstrual issue's and all pelvis's that need more energy and flow. 

Circulation is vital for all your organs from your heart to your womb and pelvis. Harmony in your digestive system brings a clearer mind as well as daily elimination's, your endocrine (hormonal) and nervous system are energised and reproductive health is optimised. 

I take a wholistic approach supported by Abdominal Therapy as taught by Dr Rosita Arvigo, Ayurveda, Reiki and IET Energy Healing as well as breathwork, meditation and chanting. Each person responds differently and chooses what they need.



Emotional rebalancing and spiritual (kindness to oneself) healing is integral to physical health, deepening your intuition and choosing a life that you want.  

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Abdominal Therapy combines abdominal and womb/pelvic massage healing with nutritional awareness, improved sleep & mood and reduced stress. 

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Connect to your inner force, intuition and self healing. Emotional and physical healing with relaxation and clarity of mind are some of the benefits. We can include energy healing into the Abdominal Therapy. 

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Your Menstrual Health is a vital sign of your overall health, so when it is sending us messages of being out of balance you need to listen to it and choose what therapies and knowledge you need.

Kind Words Over The Years....

Monique G

Working with Susan was pivotal in helping me to embark on the next stage of my self-development; and I'd go so far to say it was life changing.  It offered a bridge into a world of focusing on me and my needs, which had been so easy to forget living and working in fast passed city environments for so long.  Susan's work offers brilliant frameworks, yet she guides with a gentle freedom to explore.  I cannot thank her enough for helping me to get to this point in life, and I'll always remember it as such an important milestone.  THANK-YOU 

Suzie E

Each week, Susan led us through either a meditation, a breathing technique, or some joyful dancing (my personal favourite), as well as sharing her ayurvedic knowledge with all of us. I now think about my own menstrual cycle in terms of the seasons and recognise my own energy levels in their context. I loved finding out about my own dosha and have since adjusted my diet slightly in line with it. I have more personal shifts to make but my awareness has grown and I know I will continue to make them, little by little.

Nikki F 

I found a place I could truly be myself, I also found a community of women who are inspiring, compassionate and who help me grow and be the best version of me I could possibly be. This is done through love, care, compassion and feminine wisdom. .Since the very first moment of this journey when I opened the first video, my soul and my body sighed in relief. Best of all though, is the fact I can see the stress rating on my watch has dropped by 50% since I began connecting to myself and hearing my inner wisdom and using all the feminine power I have. 

Sina P has been like an initiation for me - into femininity, womanhood, sisterhood. The small group of women Susan brought together provides space for connection, contemplation and reflection. Together with particular practices for every day and journeying through the seasons of the year and ourselves I developed a stability from my core I now radiate from. I am grateful to have been guided so lovingly, intentionally and with great dedication. I now have a broader perspective of what it means to be a woman today and what I want it to mean in my life. 

Sophie Y

 I feel much more in tune with my body as a direct result of the programme and have had the most wonderful time connecting with like-minded women. I have embedded new daily practices into my life, and am hugely grateful to Susan for her support, kindness and wisdom.

Podcasts & Speaking

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