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Susan Sheehan
You can heal and grow to love your Menstrual Cycle.

Welcome to this place where we can create a world where women's cycles are respected and celebrated
                   When you feel at home in your body you make aligned decisions, you discern more easily and choose to voice and act according to what is important to you. 


Come and explore the wisdom of your womb and heart, to live a happier and healthier life.

Tune in for the power of choice, discernment and intuition.

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Thank you for joining us!

Susan’s openness and warmth invited a safe space to explore my needs and self-care , and her knowledge created trust because it made sense.

I had 6 sessions of healing therapy with Susan. She helped me to listen to the whispers of “her” my feminine spirit, to care for “her”, and to accept my journey with kindness. I continue to refer to Susan’s knowledge and guidance one year on.


Podcasts & Speaking

Period Story Podcast Episode 9 Susan She
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