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Susan Sheehan
You can heal and grow to love your Menstrual Cycle.

 I wish for every woman who desires it to feel empowered by her menstrual cycle, her body and choose consciously what you want in your work and relationships.

When we heal our cycle we get to be who we really are and live a full and joy filled life.


Hormones are messages your body and soul is sending you. We focus on emotional rebalancing which is integral to physical health.  The outcome is deepening your intuition and choosing a life that you truly want.  

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Menstruation and Peri-Menopause awareness, policy inclusion and ongoing health support for workplaces. 

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Period pain, feeling overwhelmed or angry every month, irregular ovulation. All are common but not normal. We start with an initial consultation to get to the root cause of your emotional and physical symptoms. 

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Our lifestyle is our medicine.

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian health system for a healthy body including sleep, movement, stress, food and mindfulness. 

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Podcasts & Speaking

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